When Your Child Breaks the iPad

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You only left the room for a few minutes. Your child was sitting happily on the couch, playing a game on her favorite parent-approved site on the family’s iPad. Upon your return you see a giant crack across the face of the tablet. How on earth did this happen so quickly? A more important answer is how and where can you get the iPad fixed?

Believe it or not, it’s at this point that many families—after attempting to use their iPad with a giant crack for a few days—decide the unit is toast and opt to invest even more money into purchasing the latest, greatest model.

Don’t Invest in a New One

Don’t do that! Did you know there are reputable businesses just waiting to repair your broken iPad? You simply take it in or mail it in, and it comes back to you as good as new.

Having your broken iPad repaired saves you a bundle of money. Surely you’ve noticed how the prices increase exponentially with each new model. You can have the screen on your iPad—and many others repairs done—for a fraction of the cost of a replacement. In most instances, you can enjoy several more years of active use on your tablet once you have it repaired.

How to Handle the Culprit

Once your broken iPad is en route to the repair shop, it’s time to address the little (or big) culprit who broke it. Some hard and fast rules are likely your best bet in ensuring this kind of incident doesn’t take place in the future.

Designate one specific spot for iPad use. A table and chair are your best bet, as accidents don’t tend to take place as frequently when the tablet is on a table.

Try to stay in view of the child using the iPad. Certainly this isn’t always possible, and as with our aforementioned scenario, the parent was only out of sight for a very few minutes. Knowing your close at hand means there’s less chance of the child sneaking off with the iPad when Mom or Dad isn’t looking.

The iPad is a privilege for children and should be used as such. Simple rules about where and how often it is used will result in greater respect for the tablet—and hopefully fewer mishaps, too.

Call us for questions about iPad repair. We employ skilled technicians and use the best in replacement parts when fixing your tablet.

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