Change iPhone Screen: The Good, the Bad, and the Expense

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Many people when they drop their phone, they immediately pick it up hoping and praying that the screen isn’t cracked. Kind of like this guy:

This guy was lucky. Some people aren’t as fortunate. They end up with a phone like this:

change iphone screen

If yours look a little like this, it probably took you a little while to get over the shock of your precious iPhone’s screen. Now, you’re starting to think what you should do. You have three options:

1. Leave it broken. *We don’t advise this because you could end up hurting yourself, someone else, or your phone even more than it already is.

2. Fix it yourself.

3. Send it off for repair.

I know…when you first start searching for how to change iPhone screen DIY steps, it seems like you could really do it. The expense sounds pretty good too. It looks enticing when you see that you could buy a new screen for your iPhone for $20. The only problem is what do you do when you get it?

Of course, you could buy the iPhone cracked screen kit. Those will run you about $40 and comes with all of the tools you need.

I get it. $40 and your time sounds like a much better deal than paying over $100 at most places, according to Market Watch, to have someone else do it. That is, if you can successfully change an iPhone screen successfully.

Let me tell you a story:

One day, I dropped my phone (not my iPhone – dare I say my Droid?). When I found out I could have a shiny, new screen only by spending $20 on eBay, I went ahead and gave it a shot. After hours of trying to get the broken screen off and trying to put a new one on, I went to Verizon to get an iPhone.

Long story short: With all of the connections and the broken glass everywhere, it was close to impossible to replace the screen.

You are probably thinking I am just technically disadvantaged, but apparently, I am not the only that has trouble with the repair process. According to Consumer Reports, replacing a cracked screen isn’t worth the $30 and hour an half its staff spent trying out all different kits.

If fixing it yourself isn’t an option, what should you do to change iPhone screen?

Let the professionals handle it! The first thing most people think about the expense, so let’s tackle that right now.

Apple can fix your iPhone’s screen at the store while you wait for $199. Why would you ever want to spend that?

At iResQ, you could pay half of that. Our repair only costs $89 for a iPhone 4S. Sounds much better, doesn’t it?

Think about it. Either you could spend $30 to buy a kit that will make you spend over an hour in frustration, or you could just send your iPhone for a screen replacement and have it back in a few days for just about $60 more. Isn’t your time worth $60?


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