Cell Phone Repair – An Affordable Option

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Cell phones have become a critical device for most consumers. They represent the ability to connect with family and friends, conduct business and navigate to just about any place that you need to go. But all of this convenience comes at a price. In 2017 the average cost of a smart phone in the United States was just under $600. And being forced to make that kind of investment unexpectedly can be difficult. So many consumers are turning to cell phone repair services as an affordable option to replacing a damaged phone.

The Number One Service

In the days of the old flip phones, the only issues most users ever faced was a battery that would no longer hold a charge. The fix was simple even though it might not be very affordable. A new battery was in the end, cheaper than a new phone. But the larger touch screen on most smart phones is more delicate than the micro sized screen of older models. And once cracked, a touch screen becomes almost impossible to use. Fortunately, most cell phone repair shops can replace the broken screen for just a fraction of the cost of a new phone. This is by far the most popular service needed for smart phones and one of the easiest for a technician to complete in a very timely manner.

Button Wear

With smart phones functioning much like a small computer, it is no surprise that the most commonly used buttons can wear out. But again, this is an issue that can be repaired much more affordably than the purchase of a new phone. And in a day you will have your repaired phone in hand and life will be back to normal.

Jacks are Critical

There are some phones which can be charged from a charging pad or charging station but most users still plug their smart phone into an old style corded charger. And after a few hundred times of plugging and unplugging, it makes sense to expect some wear and tear. So instead of rigging up a way to hold the plug in place or hope that the phone remains pulled in long enough to get a full charge, you can simply get the jack replaced. These are small unitized pieces that most stores can get replaced very quickly and for far less than the $600 price tag of a new phone.

In most cases any damage to the external portion of a smart phone can be repaired for far less than the cost of a new phone. Check out the iResQ site to learn more about your options.

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