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The iPad Air may pack a lot of power, but it is still susceptible to physical damage. Butterfingers can easily ruin what was about to be a great day with a tablet in hand.

Ask anybody who has ever dropped theirs in just the wrong way – a cracked screen is no way to enjoy a device that cost quite a bit of money. Thankfully, there are options in all shapes and sizes that can keep iPads protected and – if it matters – stylish at the same time.

Whatever appeals to a user on a personal level, there is probably just the right case or sleeve to keep any Apple tablet unharmed and in working order. Here are three methods of iPad Air protection with options currently on the market:

1) That old-timey feel
Wood has been used for centuries for countless reasons – fuel and shelter among them. And while it cannot provide the device with anymore juice, the Wood Smart Case from Grove can still keep any iPad Air housed and safe. According to Steven Sande, contributor for the Unofficial Apple Weblog, the shell sports a unique look compared to plastic cases and is surprisingly lightweight. If a natural, almost outdoorsy feel is essential in the quest for proper iPad protection, then Grove's entry might be the way to go. 

Buk Case Originals take a similar approach, using wood for the inside of their cases. But, according to Digital Trends contributor Simon Hill, the leather exterior presents the iPad Air in a “classic literature” sense, making it appear bound like a book. The wood inside seems to be a nod to the paper pages Buk Case Originals is paying homage to.

2) All or nothing
Some iPad Air cases are built with only safety in mind, forgoing aesthetics in favor of tank-like effectiveness. One such entry comes from the Pelican ProGear Vault Series. Want something functional, but durability is a major concern? According to Hill, Pelican shells provide “military-grade” protection.

A similar contender is the Urban Armor Gear Scout Case. Hill said that a soft interior provides shock protection while being backed up by a water-proof exterior. For the protections it offers, Hill said it is lightweight.

3) For the kids
As we speak, there is a generation of kids growing up who have never known a world without tablets. There are plenty of ways for children to properly enjoy iPads, but the inherent fragility of the device probably leaves more than one parent in a constant state of alert.

But there are even iPad Air case options aimed specifically at kids. Hill said that with the Speck iGuy, with its easy-to-grip arms and legs that serve as sturdy viewing stand, adults can rest a little easier when playtime involves a touchscreen.

Accidents happen, so having an iPad case is probably a good idea. But if you find yourself in a “too little, too late” situation that has resulted in cracking, scratching and even breaking, you can contact iResQ today. A team of iPad repair specialists will have your device working properly in no time.

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