Cars and iPads: A complicated relationship

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Cars and mobile devices have a somewhat complicated relationship, as both reports of car break-ins to steal devices and reports of cars playing some role in the damage that a device receives are common. However, a recent report from Stamford, Connecticut's News 12 Connecticut detailed how one car theft victim, Mike Valentine, used an iPad left in the trunk of the vehicle to track the car.

“Valentine realized his iPad was still in the trunk and used a GPS app on his shop's computer to track the car,” News 12 Connecticut stated. “He was then able to call police with the exact location of the stolen vehicle. Police arrested (Bacilio) Martinez about a mile from the barber shop. According to the police, he claimed to have bought the car for $300 at McDonalds.”

Mysterious case of iPad lodged in car bumper
One recent report takes the cake in the world of strange iPad and car stories, though. Marietta, Georgia, news source WSB-TV recently reported that a photo of an iPad that had become lodged in the front bumper of a car has gone viral.

According to the source, local resident Alexa Crisa returned home from running a few errands when her father, Nick Crisa​, discovered that an iPad was sticking out from the front bumper of the car. Earlier that morning Alexa Crisa had been driving when a car turned out from a subdivision in front of her vehicle and something flew off at her car.

“The iPad still worked well enough for an app to flash the owner's name and telephone number on the screen,” WSB-TV reported. “That's how they were able to get the iPad back to its owner. He said he left the device on top of his car and drove off. A picture of the iPad in Alexa Crisa's bumper went viral with more than 1.5 million views after she posted it to her Facebook page.”

The fact that the iPad was able to withstand being flung into another vehicle and remain operational is remarkable. Nonetheless, at iResQ we've fixed many devices whose damage is somehow related to a vehicle, including a phone that was flung from a Jeep into a pile of snow and left there for days. For any damage to your favorite electronic devices, iResQ's iPad repair services have got you covered.

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