Car troubles, bathroom mishaps, and other Apple repair stories

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An unfortunate bathroom mishap for one iPad user

  • The situation: A Florida man got in touch with us for an iPad screen replacement. Unfortunately, a crack that had begun in the middle of his device only seemed to be spreading to other parts of the screen, and the resulting damage had caused fragments of glass in the upper corner to start chipping off.
  • What caused it: Someone in the man's house decided to take a little nap in the bathroom. Only problem is, that person was also using the iPad at the time, and so as soon as sleep hit, the person's fingers unclenched and sent the iPad on a path straight to the ground. 
  • The solution: As with all cracked screen problems, this will only get worse the longer it's not attended to. A screen is never something that repairs itself, as evidenced by the fact that the crack now traverses the entire screen and has even led to chipping that threatens to expose other parts of the device. Fortunately, the man was proactive and reached out to us for a quick and efficient repair.

Lost and found 

  • The situation: A Pennsylvania man sent his device in for an iPod repair after discovering that the glass on the screen was partially shattered.
  • What caused it: A screen replacement is not great news, but in this situation the repair needs could have been a lot worse. That's because the man's iPod had actually been lost for months before he found it. And where was the little device eventually uncovered? Wedged next to a car seat in the man's vehicle, and snagged during a routine – well, we are to assume an every-couple-of-months routine – car cleaning. Considering the many ways a device like an iPod could permanently deteriorate in a car – prolonged heat exposure and irreversible damage to the logic board caused by sustained pressure come to mind – it's pretty amazing that, apart from the cracked screen, the man was able to power on the device no problem.
  • The solution: This Herculean iPod will be subjected to the royal treatment – namely a fresh new screen courtesy of our iPod screen replacement service. Given that this device has already survived months of treacherous backseat life, we're thinking it'll be able to endure anything in its future.

An iPod with some playback issues

  • The situation: A Maryland man reached out to us for an iPod repair because his device was exhibiting a particularly annoying problem: temporarily cutting out during songs, and sometimes outright skipping them. The man noticed that the problem was exacerbated when the iPod was in motion.
  • What caused it: There are several different potential reasons behind this issue, and fortunately for the man some come with no repair costs at all. One likely scenario is that this is a software glitch that requires a simple restart of the device and, if the problem persists, a reset. Just as people get tired after carrying out the same task for extended periods of time, so too do iPods. A reset provides the Apple equivalent of a restorative slumber. In order to reset an iPod Touch, simply hold down the sleep/wake button and the Home button until the Apple logo appears. This will usually be a period of about 10 seconds, according to Apple. After that, the device will take care of the rest. However, there's another possible culprit behind the Maryland man's problem: headphones. With certain pairs of headphones – particularly those that have volume and track controls built into the headphones themselves – the headphone itself can be behind the skipping, and in fact have nothing to do with the device. 
  • The solution: We'll evaluate the device for the scenarios outlined above. Hopefully one of these will prove true and we'll ship the item back at no cost to the customer. If the problem goes deeper than a reset or headphone issue, however, we'll carry out an iPod repair.

Maybe don't put that in the washing machine

  • The situation: Who hasn't had a bad laundry experience? Perhaps it was that time you put your white towel in with colors only to see it turn yellow. Or maybe you stuck fine wool in the dryer. Whatever the case may be, those mishaps likely don't compare to the predicament that befell a New Mexico customer when his wife accidentally dropped his iPhone in the wash, leading the device to only power on when plugged into the charger.
  • What caused it: We're thinking the water had something to do with it.
  • The solution: Clearly a reader of Apple DIY forums, the customer wisely placed the phone in a bag of rice. He left it in there for a week, but for others considering that solution, 24 to 48 hours should do the trick. Now the device is in our hands for a repair, but it's highly possible the man's DIY solution minimized the repair needs.
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