Car Trip Sanity with a Tablet

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How many parents have purchased tablets strictly to enjoy a peaceful commute? If this describes you, don’t feel guilty. It isn’t bad to value your sanity and tablets are actually great for children if used properly. One shouldn’t discount the value of having time to decompress before or after work. Quiet time during any type of commute can allow children to focus on something that is good for them for a finite period of time and allows the adults that are with them to take time for themselves so they can be more present and engaged once they reach their destination.

The best part is this ‘guilty pleasure’ is actually good for children. The ways a tablet can be used to entertain and educate children has grown exponentially with each passing year. As the utility of these devices expand so does their popularity amongst parents. While many resisted at first, thinking they were hardly more than an upgraded portable DVD player, they have begun to be seen as education resources. Educational videos, interactive books, and learning apps for all ages have made the wide variety of tablets available very popular with parents. This is true for Apple and Android devices and while the tablets may be expensive some of the best apps and videos are entirely free.

Unfortunately, the devices themselves still range from affordable to relatively expensive. Because of this when a child drops the tablet, which they invariably will, and the screen shatters it can seem preposterous to consider spending even more money on a new device that will likely be dropped again. While it is almost impossible to prevent children from having accidents, it’s relatively simple to repair the cracked screen of most tablets.

Not only is repairing a tablet typically easy it is also far more affordable than replacing the device entirely. Parents may think that if the tablet is functional and only the image is affected then it simply isn’t important. Until that first long commute when the children can’t see all of the video they are watching or they aren’t able to play one of their games because the part of the screen they need isn’t visible. Instead of children sitting quietly and learning there is suddenly constant complaints and an ever increasing level of noise, turning the commute into a stressful situation instead of the peaceful oasis it was before.

Peace and sanity are valuable and definitely worth the cost of a repaired tablet screen.

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