Can’t My Friend Just Fix My Phone Instead?

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We’ve all had that one friend who knows how to fix every electronic device: cell phones, computers, iPods… But it’s important to remember that going to a friend for help might seem like the easiest solution when it really may not be.

Compensation Between Friends

Your friend may offer to fix your phone for free, which sounds great, but what if they don’t get to it right away? It’s difficult to bug someone about something they’re doing out of the kindness of their heart, but we know how hard it is to go without your phone. We will get your device back to you, good as new, within 24 hours: guaranteed.

Does Your Friend Really Have What It Takes?

Though your friend may be perfectly competent when it comes to fixing certain types of devices, there are so many different models that their knowledge may not stretch as far as they think. When you give your phone to us, you will know it’s in good hands because we have (literally) seen it all before.

Friendly Fire

What happens if your friend causes more damage instead of fixing your phone? This type of issue could potentially create so much drama that it may end your friendship. Why not bring your phone to a group of professionals instead who can make sure the job gets done right?

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