Can Your Employer Prohibit Cell Phones from Work?

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camera removalIf you’ve recently been offered a new job, you may have been told you cannot bring your cell phone to work. That’s probably a surprise to you because there aren’t too many places you can’t take your phone these days. It may even make you wonder if that’s even possible. Can your employer really prohibit bringing cell phones to work?

Yes. It is legal to make this part of the guidelines of employment. The employer may have already told you, but the reason is usually the camera. Due to security and confidentiality, employees cannot bring their cell phone into some places of employment. It’s a precautionary measure. When there are no camera allowed, there’s no question whether someone is taking pictures of something they should not be.

While many employers will not allow cell phones under any circumstances, some are willing to let employees bring them to work IF they have the cameras removed. People often don’t have a problem doing this because they feel that having a phone without a camera is better than not having one at all.

Camera Removal Services

At iResQ, we help people who can’t bring their cell phones to work because they have a camera. Our certified technicians know how to remove cameras from iPhones and smartphones with our camera removal services. They simply open the phone, remove the camera, and then return the phone and camera to you. We can even include a letter that states the camera has been removed. Most employers don’t need it because they will be able to see that it has been taken out, but if you need that confirmation, that’s no problem.

See our iPhone and smartphone repair pages for more information about camera removal.

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