Can you live without your iPhone?

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People have been clamoring to get Apple’s latest product, the iPhone 5, but others are wondering whether the data plan it comes with – the “smart” part of the smartphone – is worth the cost.

In a recent InfoWorld column, writer Galen Gruman detailed a week of living without cellular data activated on his iPhone, a process that essentially turned it into a combination of a regular cellphone and an iPod touch (he still used Wi-Fi on it when available). His conclusion? A smartphone data plan is more of a convenience than a need, especially for people who have access to Wi-Fi devices like the iPod Touch or the iPad.

“I'm not suggesting that everyone could as easily give up the ‘smart’ in their smartphone – and I doubt many people could give up the ‘smart’ altogether by also forgoing Wi-Fi devices such as an iPod Touch or iPad,” Gruman wrote.”

A June 2012 study from iPhone trade-in service Gazelle proves that may be true. The study found that many iPhone users find their smartphones essential. Forty percent of users said they would rather go without coffee for a weekend than spend it without their iPhone, and 18 percent said they would forgo showers in lieu of giving up their smartphone.

If you’re in this group, don’t let a broken iPhone force you to live without “smart” data capabilities. With iPhone repair from iResQ, you can get back to using your iPhone in no time.

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