How Can I Know When My Device Is Too Old?

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While some people feel the need to turn in their current phone immediately for the newest, best device, others sometimes linger on the same phone forever, even when it’s no longer doing the work it should be. Here are some signs it’s time to get your phone repaired or to just move on to another option.

You Can’t Update Anything

When your phone seems incapable of updating your favorite apps, it may be time to turn it in for a newer model. Older phones can’t run newer apps most of the time, and if you wait too long to make the switch, you might find yourself unable to play your favorite games or even to run the newest operating system, which can spell trouble for your phone.

Your Battery Is Always Dead

Now, this could be partially due to the way in which you use your phone, which means it’s important to look for any ways you can keep your battery from dying on you all the time. These can include putting your phone on low power mode, nixing some of the apps you have that are total battery wasters, and turning off your background app refresh option.

Still, if you have already taken all these steps and your battery never seems to have charge, you may need a new device… or a new battery. If you stop buy our store, we can check out your phone and give you a free diagnostic, letting you know how much a new battery would cost.

Your Screen Doesn’t Respond As Well When You Touch It

This is a strong sign that your phone is fatigued and that it’s probably time to say goodbye. However, it could also mean your device just needs a quick repair session with us.

Your Screen Is Totally Busted

Did you keep telling yourself, “One little crack doesn’t make a difference” until your screen was completely busted up? You could get a new device, but many providers won’t accept a phone with a broken screen for a trade in. In this instance, it’s often a good idea to have your screen fixed professionally. This way, you can decide later if you want to get a new device or not.

Let Us Fix Your Device

If you’re still not sure if your phone is too old, bring it to us. We’ll let you know how much it will be to fix it and if the repairs will be worth the cost.

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