Can an iPad replace all your school supplies?

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An increasingly large number of schools and students are adopting iPads for educational use, citing the value of learning-oriented apps and the savings provided by digital textbooks. A study has even found the tablets are replacing PCs in schools. But can a modern student go to class with just an iPad?

In a post at NYU Local, one student at the university discussed his experiment in handling all of his academic work from an iPad. He said he was able to find digital copies of all of his readings, and he used the app PDF Expert to read and annotate them. The app syncs automatically with Dropbox, he noted, while he could annotate with Siri.

In class, he used Scanner Pro to digitize handouts and Evernote to take and store notes. He found his system to be as efficient as writing notes or typing them on a laptop. Since it’s harder to multitask on an iPad, it also offered fewer distractions.

CultofMac writer Buster Heine noted similar advantages, pointing to cost savings, portability, battery life and improved concentration as reasons to use an iPad instead of a MacBook in class.

If you make the switch to a classroom iPad but your intense notetaking causes your device to break, iResQ’s iPad repair services offer an easy way to get the device running again.

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