Busy week with MacBook Repairs Too

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It’s so easy to get caught up talking about iPad repairs.  I was just about to post another before/after pic of a new iPad repair when I got to thinking; I can only post so many of those before doing it gets a little too redundant.  It’s just been exciting over here the last week with the release of the iPad Gen 3. I can say straight up that we have seen more new iPads come in the first week than any of the other generation iPads during the first week of their respective releases.  This is just a testament to the popularity of Apple’s new products.  More people are buying iPads then ever before.

This is why I had to take a step back and look at everything else our company has been doing.  MacBook Pro screen repairs are going through the roof (almost literally) as our MacBook technicians tackle replacing screens and glass panels and sending them back to their owners the same day we receive them.  It’s a wonder how they can do them so fast.   A huge stack of broken MacBook Pros dwindles quickly as our repair superstars (Jesse and Burk to name a couple) get these things repaired and out the door in record time.

With that, I will leave one thing up to you, if you want me to post another before/after repair pic of the new iPad email me at keith@iresq.com.  Your wish is my command.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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