How Businesses Can Use Mobile iPhone Repair

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business iphone repairYou’re a business owner who has provided smartphones to your employees. They need it for their work, and it’s not something they can use their personal cell phones for due to preserving the privacy of your customers. For that reason, when something goes wrong with the device, you need a good way to have it repaired.

Introducing iResQ’s Mobile iPhone Repair

At iResQ, we recognized businesses need simple and fast iPhone repair. It’s why we have mobile repair services.

Instead of you dropping off devices to our location for repair, we come to you. With a quick phone call, we can set up an appointment for our tech to come to your business location to repair all of your employees’ devices right there in your office.

This means that within a day you could have all of your employees’ devices working correctly again. With everything your employees are doing on their phones, without them could slow down your business significantly. When you use iResQ for iPhone repair, there is less downtime, which means more productivity and revenue for you.

About Our Business Accounts

We work with many businesses in the area. For that reason, we have a business account manager who can help with the cost of mobile iPhone repair services. We have special pricing for these repairs because we know the expense can be steep if your employees work in situations where a device can be easily broken.

We offer warranties for our repairs because serving our customers in the best way possible is important to us. Most repairs come with a 90 day warranty.

Call Us for More Information

Simply call us today for more information on how we can start being your go-to iPhone repair service. We would be happy to help you keep your employees’ iPhones in good working order.

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