Business and learning, the iPad’s biggest friends

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If it seems like schools and businesses are taking to the iPad faster than anyone else, that's because it's pretty much true. According to what Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said during an earnings call earlier this month, enterprises and schools have been a big reason why the iPad brought in $9.2 billion last quarter, eWeek reports. Because of the large number of people handling the devices, it's important businesses and schools know of a trusted iPad repair service to call in case of a break or cracked screen.

“While interest in the new iPad was high, sales of the reduced price iPad 2 in the K-12 markets were particularly strong, and even though … we achieved all-time record Mac sales to U.S. education institutions during the quarter, we sold more than twice as many iPads as Macs to U.S. education institutions,” said Oppenheimer, according to the news source.

Oppenheimer said many teachers are starting to use the “flipped classroom” technique, which enables students to access school information whenever with their iPad. He believes this is helping students take more responsibility for their education and allowing teachers to have an easier time teaching large groups.

CNN quoted Coleman Kells, principal of Amelia Earhart Middle School, as saying that students' interactions with the device were more personal than most forms of learning, and he can students are more engaged. Don't let there be a gap in student engagement; invest in iPad repair to keep the device around as long as possible.

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