What to do When Your MacBook Pro Fan Breaks

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What do you do when your MacBook Pro fan breaks? If it stops functioning, then it is important to replace it. Fans are essential to prevent your computer from overheating and frying the equipment. The sensors in your MacBook Pro are sensitive to outside temperature and where you use it. For example, if you place your system on your bed to work. The heat becomes trapped and the fans kick on to cool your hardware down. Unfortunately, like most hardware, sometimes your fans stop working.

Take several steps to determine if your fan is definitely broken or perhaps it is something else. It is recommended that you always troubleshoot your computer before taking it in to the Apple store or an Apple Certified Mac technician.

Troubleshooting Your Broken MacBook Pro Fan


Place your hand at the back of the device where the screen folds down. Feel for heat on the bottom where the screen connects to the bottom half of the laptop. If you feel heat blowing, then your fan is working.


Put your ear up to the bottom of your MacBook Pro. If you hear a gentle whirring noise, then your fan is functioning. If you hear rattling, grinding, or revving, then it is probably malfunctioning. It could also come across as a screeching or ticking noise.


If the fan is not functioning, then the bottom of your laptop will begin to feel very hot to the touch.

Apple Hardware Test

The Apple Hardware Test will help you narrow down if there is a hardware issue with your computer. Please note that not all models can use the online version of the AHT. If you are unable to use the online test, then you will find a local version on your hard drive. A generated error code will indicate if your fans have failed.

What to Do

After you have determined that your MacBook Pro fan is broken, you have to decide if you are going to try and fix it yourself, or take it in to have someone else fix it. If you’re going to fix it yourself, remember that you risk further damaging your laptop because there are many delicate parts inside. Additionally, if you damage your computer after working on it, you nullify your warranty.

There are some other things to think about. You will need additional tools. The required tools vary from model to model. It can take a lot of time and patience to properly open up your MacBook Pro, replace the fans, and then close it back up. Instead of risking your MacBook, call iResQ. We can replace the fan in your MacBook within 24 hours. In no time, you will have it back in good working order.

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