Broken headphone jack doesn’t mean the music has to stop

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Most people use their iPods, iPhones and iPads to listen to music, but what happens if the headphone jack breaks? Buying a new device is not always the most economical answer, especially when there are affordable repair services available.

Common problems with the jack include the needle on a pair of headphones breaking off inside the portal or the entrance becoming clogged with dirt. With both of these issues, Apple product owners can take their device to a repair company, which might have the tools and the expertise to safely open up the device and rectify the problem.

Trying do-it-yourself techniques may not be the wisest option, especially when doing it for the first time on a device worth hundreds of dollars.

Relying on a professional for a headphone jack fix is a better alternative, but it's important to find a technician who offers affordable prices and a quick turn-around on iPhone and iPod repair. Apple users should look around and compare service companies in order to find the best deal.

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