Broken Charger Port? Let Us Fix It

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We deal with every cell phone problem under the sun from ones that won’t turn on to smashed screens to broken charger ports. Before you let some YouTuber tell you how to hack your problem for free, let us take a look.

Charger Port Woes

We know how annoying it can be to deal with a technical issue like a broken charger port. After all, if your phone won’t charge, it’s basically useless, right? Well, we’ve noticed there are plenty of life hacks online that will give you the skinny on how to circumvent a broken USB port, but the truth is that most of these are a stall at best until you can get your phone fixed. And any that claim to be otherwise might ask you to do some pretty intricate work that could be difficult and even dangerous, especially if you don’t have the right tools.

We’re Happy to Fix Your Phone

Our technicians are extremely well-versed in dealing with Androids, iPhones, and any other type of device known to man. We are always happy to take a look at a phone that isn’t working, and sometimes, it does just require a simple fix. Others, it could be more intensive, which is why you should always bring your malfunctioning device to a professional first.

Free Diagnostics and 24-Hour Service

If you bring your Android or iPhone to us, we’ll figure out what’s wrong with it for free. Then, we will let you know how much it will cost to have it fixed, so you won’t be stuck paying for something more than you expected. Once you decide to have your device fixed, we will get it back to you within 24 hours, which is our promise to every customer.

Call Today to Speak to a Representative

We’ll be happy to discuss your problem over the phone and have you come in at a later time to have your device checked out. You can also just drop by or you can set up an appointment to have us come to you! It’s all just that simple.

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