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iphone repairHow many people consider their phone an integral part of their daily lives now? Virtually everyone with a smartphone will admit they keep it with them almost constantly and rely on it for everything including taking family pictures, maintaining their work and social schedule, talking to friends across multiple platforms, budgeting, and entertainment. Considering the multitude of ways people are using their iPhone it makes sense that they would spend a large portion of their time looking at the crystal clear images on their tiny personal assistant. This is a calming and aesthetically pleasing activity for the most part until every glance is a reminder of an accident and trying to read email is more like trying to decode ancient hieroglyphics.

Don’t let one accident ruin the enjoyment of your phone for years to come. A cracked display rarely damages the way the phone operates, only how well you are able to see and interact with the device. You may think that if you can still get it to function then it isn’t worth the cost of a new iPhone to upgrade just so you can enjoy the image quality again. You would probably be right if that was your only option or if your enjoyment of something you use so often wasn’t part of the equation.

Consider how much happier you are when you are able to see what you’re doing without having to struggle. What amount of stress is added to your day each time you try to take a picture or send an email and are unable to do so without additional effort? How frustrated do you become when attempting to relax with a game or video on your commute only to find you are unable to do so? An item that is as heavily relied upon as an iPhone should bring you pleasure. If not pleasure at the very least it shouldn’t add stress to your day.

You may think you’re stuck with a damaged phone once the screen is a kaleidoscope of cracks from being dropped one too many times. After all, a new iPhone is prohibitively expensive and that must mean repair costs would be equally expensive, right? No! Fortunately, cracked screens are so common that many can be repaired in a short period for a fraction of the cost of buying a new phone. When the screen is beyond repair, a replacement screen can be installed at far below what a new phone would cost.

Don’t feel you are stuck with the stress of a damaged iPhone screen. Have it repaired and begin to enjoy your phone again.

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