Break your iPhone 5c screen? Here’s what to do

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iPhone 5c screen replacement costs can get shockingly high. Official services for replacing those screens can run as high as $150, which is much more than the cost of parts and the expertise required to put them together. Many people wind up turning to YouTube in order to figure out how to fix their screens, because there are many, many small screws and notches that, if lost, may render you incapable of putting your phone back together. Even those who are technical experts can have a difficult time getting their phones to work once their screen has taken a hit.

One of the primary tools needed in order to remove the screen on an iPhone is a suction cup, which is used to lift the screen up from the base of the phone and allow you to dig around in there. Of course, merely having the expertise to get the screen off and put most things back together doesn't guarantee that you will be able to fix it, noted one CNET contributor as he chronicled the annals of his (attempted) iPhone repair. He wound up adding the cost of purchasing repair tools to those associated with going to a repair shop for his trouble without getting any closer to fixing his phone.

Don't despair, talk to a professional
Although it can be tempting to simply give up on getting a phone repaired, there are a few ways of getting your phone fixed. If you are one of those noble souls who can fix an iPhone in the privacy of their home, you may be able to repair it on your own. A guide posted over at iMore might be able to help you deal with this problem in more detail. Otherwise, it might be more useful to work with someone who has a bit more in-depth knowledge on how to fix an iPhone 5c while keeping costs low.

Call up a repair service, like us here at iResQ. If you contact us, we'll help you fix your iPhone 5c screen and get it repaired at a low cost. What is very difficult on an individual level is actually rather easy for a professional who has been given all the proper tools and the right environment to get this fixed. Send us your phone and we'll fix it so that you don't have to suffer through the arduous repair process.

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