Blockbuster + Circuit City > Apple? They wish…

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So can you remember the last time you stepped into a Blockbuster? Yeah… neither can I. I mean, does anyone out there still go out to Blockbuster to rent their movies? With so many new options that don’t involve getting out of your house, it seems that Blockbuster is a bit scared. I mean you can rent movies in so many different ways now. You can go to your local McDonald’s go up to the new redbox and rent a movie for $1 a night and return it to any other McDonald’s. You can go online to Netflix and choose your movies and they will mail them to you, and when you’re done you just mail them back. Now with the new iTunes you can rent movies that download straight to your MacBook, MacBook Pro or any other computer you wish to use, then download that to any other portable Apple device.


All this is to say that Blockbuster has a plan. What seems to be the last plan they have before closing up shop. They announced yesterday that they intend on purchasing Circuit City, which is the equivalent to the retail consumer electronics market as Blockbuster is to the retail movie rental market. It seems that two wrongs are going to try and make a right, we will see how it turns out. It seems that all of this is to model Apple’s retail strategy, which most people thought would fail in the first two years. We now know that not only has it not failed, but it makes most other retail stores look like children in the market.

Circuit City doesn’t seem too pumped about the offer either. It appears that they don’t really believe that Blockbuster can afford to buy them for the value of $950 million to $1.3 billion. Needless to say there is much skepticism about this whole deal. Personally, it seems like one failing business trying to buy another it can’t afford wouldn’t really make all that much sense. Besides that, doesn’t Blockbuster already have a retail store, why would they need a larger one… Oh well, I will just stick to the iPod repair and Apple portables repair market for now.

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