Bigger iPhone screen could mean 12.5 percent more productivity

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With 9to5Mac reporting that they believe Apple is in the process of looking at better resolution and a bigger screen for new iPhone models, ZDNet said this could mean a big improvement in the productivity of the smartphone's users, a 12.5 percent increase by ZDNet's count. No matter what size the screen, iPhone replacement glass options are out there to help people stay as productive as possible on their phone.

According to 9to5Mac, today's iPhone has a 3.5 inch diagonal display with 640×960 pixels while the next iPhone could have a 3.999 inch screen with 640×1136 pixels.

“How this will play out in practice – again, this is all hypothetical, as these things tend to be – could be interesting,” according to ZDNet, adding that there are couple of variables that remain, including the fact that the bigger screen could still be killed off in testing and how the bigger screen will work out with developers.

Whether screens are smaller or larger on the iPhone makes no difference, as users of the device can still send the phone in for a diagnostic test if any part of it breaks to see what is wrong. IPhone repair, while it may seem difficult, doesn't have to be hard or expensive.

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