Best apps to prevent you from needing iPhone Repair (PART TWO)

General Knowledge

In Part One we showed you some free apps that can help prevent a visit to the cell phone repair shop. Here are some more, though these come at a price:

1. Last Alert Pro. Ever misplace your iPhone and just know you've left it in an incredibly risky place like the washing machine or on the floor by the front door? Last Alert Pro exists to minimize those situations. What it does is commence an audible alert system as soon as your battery begins dropping below three pre-set levels. Plus, the app knows if you're not by your phone, so if the battery starts draining below those points and you're not by it, you'll get an email with the street address of your iPhone. This alert does cost $1.99, but that's a lot less than a replacement iPhone.

2. PhoneClean. This app pretty much does exactly what the title suggests: keep everything that's on your iPhone tidy. Cache and temp files accumulate on your iPhone just like dust and dirt in an apartment. At the very least these things can slow down operations and hinder you from reaping your phone's full battery capacity. At worst they can make your private information susceptible to attack. Save yourself a trip to the iPhone repair shop to deal with a bug by installing this app and having it do the work for you. As far as app prices go, the basic version is free but for the Pro package it's $19.99 for a personal 1-year subscription.

Of course, there are situations that even an app can't solve. For that unfortunate moment when your phone drops and you're in the market for an iPhone screen replacement, check out a cell phone repair shop that meets your needs.

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