Be careful with your iPhone 5! Some cautionary tales

iPhone / General Knowledge

The iPhone 5 is a great device – so great, in fact, that we don't blame you for wanting to take it everywhere. After all, is there one function the machine can't carry out? However, it's important to be mindful of your iPhone's well-being, since, like all tech products, the phone is susceptible to wear and tear. Here are a few iPhone situations that led customers to our cell phone repair shop:

The short counter drop: Dropping your phone from any height can prove incredibly damaging – particularly if it falls in exactly the wrong place. Such was the case with a Copley, Ohio, customer of ours, whose iPhone 5s fell from a countertop to the floor. Despite the fall being relatively short, the device landed on its screen, and the impact cracked it. 

Not the best day at the beach: If you're heading to the beach, we'd always recommend that you don't bring your iPhone (but don't leave it in a sweltering car either – so perhaps just leave it at home that day). Otherwise you'll end up like a Massachusetts customer of ours whose dip in the water took a turn for the worse when her wet bathing suit made contact with her iPhone. The water damage necessitated a professional repair. 

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