Battery Replacement – Is It Worth the Cost?

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iPhones are notorious for losing battery life. That’s why there was this video made by Samsung:

It’s true that the iPhone may fall victim to the criticism of a fast dying battery, but it’s probably not been like that since you first bought it. You probably remember the days you could plug it in, and have the battery last all day long without charging it. Oh, the memories.

Over time, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t quite make it home alive. And then, it doesn’t quite make it to midafternoon. The next thing you know, you’re in the red at lunch time. Sometimes, it’s worse, you don’t make it to 10 AM. You just bought the phone last year though – you can’t get a new one!

You shouldn’t have to get a new phone!battery replacement

Getting a battery replacement on your iPhone should be enough to give you back a battery life you can live with for a long time. You won’t have to be a “Wall Hugger.” You can move about your busy life with the peace of mind that your phone isn’t going to cut out on you.

iPhone Battery Replacement Service

iResQ offers battery replacement for iPhones. Our certified technicians will remove the battery you have in your iPhone now and put in a brand new one. All of the parts we use are high quality. We know that high quality parts are the ones that will be functional for the longest time.

Our prices are affordable and our service is fast. Before you know it, you’ll have your iPhone back and it will be like it’s brand new again. It will be exactly what you’ve been wishing for all those times you’re griping about how it’s almost dead again.

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