Battery Replacement Wait Four Weeks with Apple

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Apple is now quoting people four weeks for battery replacements. That’s right, a MONTH!

Since they decreased their prices of battery replacements after rumours that they were purposely slowing phones down, they have ended up with a backlog of battery replacements. People love the price of the replacements, but the trade off is that they don’t get them for a month.

Who wants to wait a month for a batter replacement for their iPhone? No one.

The reason people want the battery replacement is because their phone is slow. If a new battery will fix that, why would they want to continue using a slow device?

That’s why we are stepping in to let everyone know that they don’t have to wait that long for a battery replacement. We perform battery replacements in just 24 hours. This means that if you drop your phone off, you could have it the next day depending on the time of the drop off. The worse case scenario would be the day after.

For those who want to mail their device into our store, you just need to wait the 24 hours in addition to the shipping time. Still – less than a month!

You may not be able to get the battery replacement from us for $29 but we will assure you that the time you don’t have to deal with your slow phone is worth it. Wouldn’t you love to have your phone back to the way it was before it started to stall on you? Of course you would.

Call us, so you can learn more about our battery replacement services for your iPhone. We can give you a quote and help you get the replacement done in much less time than you can from the manufacturer.

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