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iPhones are notorious for having poor battery life. It’s why everyone seems to be looking for an outlet to plug their phone into even on-the-go. While the iPhone may not last long when it is first unwrapped, it’s when that battery life gets even shorter that makes people upset.

If you need to plug your iPhone in most of the day, and it only lasts an hour or less a day when it’s unplugged, it’s probably time to replace the battery. It’s not normal. Yes, if you are a heavy user of your iPhone, the battery will only last three hours, but an hour is way too short of a time.

You bought a mobile device to be mobile with it. You want to be able to go anywhere and have your phone with you. You shouldn’t have to worry where you are going to plug your phone in before it dies. You should trust your phone to be there for you when you need it.

With a battery replacement, you will get a battery that will last as long as it did when you first started to use your iPhone. You remember those days, don’t you? The days where you might get through the whole day without charging, as long as you weren’t on it every minute of the day. Those were the days, and they can be back with a new battery.

The good news is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get a battery replacement. It’s worth the cost, actually. Your insanity is worth much more than the battery replacement charge.

You don’t have to commit to this repair service from iResQ just yet. Just think about it. It’s likely as you go through your days, you will start to remember what you’ve read here every time you see your battery level in the red. This might be several times a day, but let that be a reminder that you should really get a battery replacement.

It’s not something you can do yourself. The battery is securely kept inside of the phone. Only a certified technician from iResQ can remove the battery from the phone without affecting any other part of the phone. He can then install a brand new, high quality battery in its place and put your phone back together.

You don’t need that headache. Let the experts do it for you, so you can start using your phone again as soon as possible. We perform battery replacements within 24 hours. You get it back depending on your shipping method.

We look forward to giving you the battery life you deserve for your iPhone.

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