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Yesterday, as I was on a field trip with my daughter, something happened with my Samsung Galaxy S5. It died. Yes, it was not fun.

This of course prompted a discussion with some other of the adults around me. One mother had a battery pack, while another one swore that getting her phone battery replaced was the best choice. That led me to write this blog post.

Battery Packs vs. Battery Replacement

The mother with the battery pack told me the one she had was her second one she’s bought. The first one was a cheap one she bought online that didn’t hold a charge, so it wouldn’t charge her phone enough to make a difference. The second one that she had with her was better. She said that she charges it fully, and then plugs her phone to it when she needs to charge it. She’s found that the battery pack can charge her phone about four times.

The problem with the battery pack was that it was bulky. It was fine when she was just browsing Facebook, texting, or surfing the Internet. However, if she needed to talk to someone on it, she had to unplug it. If she didn’t, the battery pack would swing and hit her in the face.

She said it’s not ideal because there have been plenty of times she has forgotten the battery pack, so her phone dies. She has to charge it, too. If she doesn’t, it’s no use to her.

After speaking to her, I turned to someone else who seemed to be unbothered by her phone. She said she had a battery replacement when she found her battery wouldn’t last as long as it used to. She said it was the best decision she has ever made. She never has to worry about her battery dying, and she even said she thinks it has better battery life than when she first bought the phone. By the end of the day, when my phone was dead, hers still had 50% left.

I’m sold on the battery replacement versus battery pack, especially when I heard how much the battery pack cost. Yikes! It was as much as it would be to buy a new phone from my provider with a two year contract.

If you’re struggling with battery issues with your smartphone, consider getting a battery replacement. Sure, it may seem like the battery pack is a better choice, but who wants to deal with the extra equipment? It’s just easier to deal with an installed battery that will last.

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