Battery life, fingerprint security rank among most common iPhone 5s concerns

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The holiday season is in full swing and one of the biggest items on wish lists this year may be smartphones. A number of major manufacturers recently rolled out new products, building on previous successes and adding innovative features to bring the devices into the next phase of mobile communication. However, there are still some issues that smartphone buyers may run into when comparing iPhone 5s versus the Samsung Galaxy S4. Since the debut of both devices, owners have experienced chronic problems that rank among the most frustrating that can occur.

Although each device has its own following, both iPhone and Galaxy have complications that may emerge as a result of the young technology. According to a recent report by FixYa, a community-based resource, after sampling more than 13,000 complaints issued by its readers, the iPhone 5s mostly had issues revolving around the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and battery life. While the most recent Apple phone uses an A7 chip that improves battery capacity compared to previous models, using location services and running applications can significantly drain the device's charge. The Touch ID complaints primarily deal with security concerns rather than functionality, making it necessary for Apple to ensure that this feature mitigates the overarching worry.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has similar problems with battery life, however, overheating is an issue that sets it apart from iPhone complaints. The report noted that the complexity and processing power needed for applications and Web browsing has resulting in the phone becoming hot to the touch, which is more common in plastic builds like the S4. As computing needs continue to advance, this issue will need to be addressed quickly in subsequent models.

Fixing problems with iPhones
Although they didn't make it to the list, many users may need repair services to fix their dropped iPhone or address any other issues that their smartphone may encounter. PCWorld's Tony Bradley noted that most mobile users aren't dedicated to a particular system and will choose the device that best suits their needs. Battery life and screen size remain prominent problems for both Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s, however, by researching the systems, users can better choose a system that will meet their demands.

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