Battery life failing? Here’s how to extend your battery

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The iPhone 5c battery life problems that are common to many people's experiences aren't unique to Apple phones: They are a bona fide crisis that afflicts about every smartphone out there. The following iPhone 5c battery life tips are here to help you make your phone work better for you, and may even work on your friends' phones if you're worried about helping them make their phones better too. The fine folks over at the Pittsburgh CBS Affiliate found these tips handy for making sure that batteries last just a little bit longer than they otherwise would. 

Sparing, powerful use
An important facet of understanding battery life is that some applications on phones drain more power than others. If you want to know how to keep your battery going strong late into the night, make sure that you know what is drawing the most power, and be sure to disable it whenever it's not needed. Some of the worst offenders in terms of constant power suck are screen brightness, GPS and searching for new signals. While that last one sounds like it might be hard to stop, it's easy to prevent a phone from spending too much time futilely trying to acquire signal by setting it to Airplane mode when there's no tower to connect to nearby. 

There are other objects that can be used to extend the life of a cellphone battery, like external cases that plug in to the back of a phone to make it last longer, or small portable solar panels that can charge a phone. By far the most effective way, though, is to get a professional to swap out your battery with a new one. These fixes listed here will help, but nothing will get you the best results like trained experts giving your phone the right battery. 

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