Battery issues are often software-related

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As long as people have had mobile devices, there has been anguish related to short battery life. Power issues have specifically become a cultural bonding point with the arrival of smartphones. Because we use these devices for so much more than just calling, they need to have much more powerful batteries than the cell phones of 10 years ago. Yet evolutions in technology haven't apparently caught up with the increasing usage of mobile devices.

Many times, people believe that iPhone batteries are just naturally weak. Other users may have noticed a sharp dip in performance that they can only blame on a failing or faulty device. While these issues have a habit of appearing sometimes, they are not as common as some might think. In fact, wasted battery life is often the cause of rapidly draining power. This issue is easily handled by making a few quick software adjustments that have nothing to do with the hardware itself.

Are you having iPhone 5c battery problems? Check out these software-based, battery-saving tips before resorting to repairs or replacement: 

1) Turn down the brightness
Your screen doesn't need to be on full-blast all the time. In fact, this is bad for your eyes and your iPhone itself. Keeping the screen dimmed to a respectable level with significantly improve battery life while saving your pupils from some un-needed strain.

2) Cool it on the notifications
While much of the iPhone's necessity comes from push notifications, there is a thing as “too much” in this situation. You don't need to know every time your friend “likes” your picture on Facebook. Not only is it information overload, but it also activates your screen for no good reason.

Go into the Applications section of Settings and customize your push notifications to better reflect what you need to know on a frequent basis. This will prevent your screen from lighting up and draining bits of battery that add up over time.

3) Close those apps
Applications are what makes iPhones so valuable. Mobile software has changed the way that people live their lives, but do you really need all of them open at once? Double tap the Home button and swipe through the programs you have open – you may be surprised. That game of Angry Birds your started a week ago and forgot about may still be in progress and wasting your battery in the background.

According to Payette Forward contributor David Payette, battery issues can sometimes be blamed on an app crashing in the background. Chances are that it's one the user isn't even aware is running. After double tapping the Home button, swipe up on each window you'd like to close to give your device more bang for its buck. 

4) Manual updates save battery
People tend to have a lot of applications on their iPhones. In addition to not needing all of them open at once, you probably don't need to have the most recent updates for them the second they're available. According to ZDNet contributor Zack Whittaker, apps can be set to update on their own, but not all of them need to have this kind of feature enabled. Go into Settings for the App Store platform and set automatic updates to “off.” This helps to conserve battery from being sapped when the phone's owner isn't even using it.

5) Disable constant connectivity, background work
If an iPhone is on, chances are that it's doing something – even if it's not happening manually. Every task that occurs on a mobile device uses battery in some way, from playing games to connecting to networks. Some things that you might not know your iPhone is doing are:

  • Learning your favorite locations
  • Sharing your location
  • Preparing to “Handoff” – working on one task across multiple Apple devices via iCloud
  • Automatically uploading photos when connected to Wi-Fi
  • Spotlight Search performing unnecessary indexing

…among other things. Making sure that these features are turned off can help to ensure that battery life stays viable when it needs to be. Nothing can be more frustrating than realizing you missed an important call because iCloud was syncing a couple of photos you planned on deleting anyway.

Hardware problems can also occur
But while there are a great number of software-based solutions to improve battery life, none of them is a cure-all. Your iPhone 5c could be doing everything right and still lack the ability to hold a charge. This can be the result of a few things. If the battery itself is not to blame, then a likely culprit could be the Lightning port.

Regardless of what hardware issue is ailing you, chances are that performing a repair alone may not be possible or advisable. If this is the case, contact iResQ today for all of your iPhone repair needs. 

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