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Battery Dependency… sounds like some sort of medical or psychological disorder, right? Well, many of us suffer from this “disease.”

Let me explain. If you’re reading this, you’re on the internet — so I can assume that you use the internet fairly regularly for one thing or another. You probably also have at least one Apple product or you wouldn’t be here. And that is probably some kind of portable Apple product, be it an iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, whatever. All those products have batteries, and if the battery is weak or dead, that product is basically useless. Well, at least until it’s recharged or plugged in.

If you rely on these products for anything, then you might be suffering. I am suffering from my self-diagnosed battery dependency because I use my MacBook Pro as well as my iPhone for staying in touch with my work and personal life. Here’s another biggie — I USE MY IPHONE AS MY ALARM CLOCK! Is that important? Why don’t you ask Jim Furyk, pro golfer, what he thinks about that?

In case you didn’t see this in the news (not everyone is a sports nut like me), Furyk overslept because his cell phone was his alarm clock and had lost power overnight. As a result, he was late to a pro-am. Because he was late, per the rules, he was basically disqualified for the first playoff event. Ouch.

Furyk struggled with battery dependency and lost.
Oh, the horrors of a failed iPhone battery!

Time for more deductive reasoning, you ready?

1) Jim Furyk is a successful pro golfer, it is likely that he uses the best electronic equipment in his personal life.
2) The iPhone is the best cell phone on the market (for all intents and purposes for this blog).
3) Therefore, Jim Furyk uses an iPhone.

1) Jim Furyk uses an iPhone as his alarm clock.
2) Jim Furyk was late to the pro-am because his iPhone lost power.
3) Therefore, Jim Furyk’s iPhone had a dead battery, as a result, his alarm did not go off and he missed out on a great opportunity.

And finally, the kicker…

1) Jim Furyk’s iPhone battery died because it had degraded over time, as a result of many cycles of charging, draining, and recharging his battery power.
2) Jim Furyk needs a new battery in his iPhone.
3) replaces iPhone batteries.
4) Jim Furyk needs an iResQ iPhone battery replacement.

Another option that might have helped Mr. Furyk is the iResQ iPod and iPhone solar charger. It allows the phone to charge even when there’s not an outlet available, or if you’re stuck in a situation where you don’t have your wall charger.

There you have it, the proof is in the pudding. iResQ could have saved Mr. Furyk a whole lot of pain and embarrasment. Now, we can’t all be successful pro golfers, but a lot of us do rely on our Apple products a little more than we’d like to admit. Is your battery fresh and dependable? I sure hope so. If you have any concerns, you know who to call.

Thanks everyone. See you next week.

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