Bad sensors in iPhone 5S affecting apps

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IPhones have plenty of uses, such as for gaming, orientation and even home improvement. However, faulty sensors in the new 5S are causing a ripple effect throughout many apps, according to Gizmodo and VentureBeat.

After reports in forums about faulty sensors in the 5S​, both websites decide to perform tests to see if what forum posters stated were true.

“My iPhone 5S is off by 4 degrees when using the level on its back (screen up). I had an iPhone 4 and 4s that I upgraded to iOS 7 and both were perfect, but the 5S is off,” an iPhone 5S owner stated in a forum, according to VentureBeat. “Holding it vertically it is also off by 1 or 2 degrees.”

Both found the answer to be yes. Gizmodo tested the iPhone level, gyroscope, compass and accelerometer and found that the sensors were way off as compared to the iPhone 5.

The level app test showed that it was off by 2-3 degrees, while the same test on the iPhone 5 turned out to be almost spot on. A difference of this amount could be disastrous if using the phone as a level for basic home improvement tasks.

The worst test was the gyroscope, which showed -3 degree difference over the iPhone 5. This had a great effect on gaming, as Gizmodo showed in a video of a racing game on a level table. Without moving the phone, the car drifted left on the screen because of the inconsistency of the gyroscope.

The tests also showed discrepancies with the compass and the accelerometer, although these differences were not nearly as bad as the level and the gyroscope.

Unfortunately, there are no fixes for these sensors. But if a user was mad enough smash their iPhone over it, resulting in a broken iPhone screen, they can send it into iResQ to take care of all iPhone repair needs.

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