Back to school with the Apple MacBook

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It's that time again. Whether they're heading to an elementary school classroom or a graduate school campus, students are gearing up for another academic year. PCWorld said one computer that could be great for a return to class is the Apple MacBook Air. This might be a big purchase for college students on a budget or parents worried about entrusting sophisticated technology to younger students, but the expense might be easier knowing MacBook repair professionals can take care of broken devices.

“Apple's MacBook Air machines are a hit among students for good reason: These laptops are the epitome of portability and performance in one stylish, razor-thin package,” the news source said.  “Available in 11-inch and 13.3-inch configurations, the MacBook Air is very backpack-friendly. (The 11-inch model weighs just under 2.4 pounds, and the 13-inch Air comes in at under 3 pounds; both are under 0.7 inch thick.)”

PCWorld said that the MacBook air is superthin, superfast and really good for students who want to be on the go, as these laptops are easy to cart around and are flexible with what types of programs can be used.

Apple's website said those going back to school can even qualify for a gift card if they purchase a MacBook, which is one more reason to take a look at how these devices can be great for educational purposes.

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