Back-to-school Macbook protection

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From careless roommates to late-night coffee spills, the dangers facing MacBook users in the academic world are many. Fortunately, there are plenty of products on hand to help keep your laptop safe.

A recent MacWorld roundup listed several types of different MacBook cases, including ultrathin snap-on plastic cases from iGlaze, decals to protect from scratches from GelaSkins and Carbon Fiber Armor protective film from BodyGuardz. The site also proposed a book-style case called BookBook or an actual padded bag case from SFBags.

For users worried about their screens and keyboards, MacWorld proposed several cover options including the Designer Series from KB Covers, which show keyboard shortcuts for Final Cut, Photoshop or Pro Tools. The site also offered some cleaning supply suggestions.

Another key point of protection is water damage, the site said. A separate MacWorld article detailed a demoralizing spill incident that wrecked the writer’s hard drive, noting “it’s always a question of when, not if, a given hard drive will fail.” Backup solutions such as DropBox, CrashPlan or an external hard drive can help with this.

If your MacBook does suffer damage, though, it’s not hard to get it back up and working with MacBook repair from iResQ. We’ve seen just about every kind of accident there is.

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