Avoiding an iPhone 5c screen replacement cost

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An iPhone 5c screen replacement cost can put quite the dent in your pocketbook. Therefore, it helps to practice the kind of smartphone screen maintenance that will prevent you from ever landing in that situation. Here are some tips:

  • Get a protective case. This is far and away the most important tip, and shouldn't be ignored by anyone. Whether you're a mountain climber or an office worker, there are moments you'll find yourself in – a slip on the pavement, for example – that jeopardize your iPhone's screen. But with a protective shield like that offered by the LifeProof case, for example, that won't be a problem. 
  • Get a screen protector. Think you've got all your bases covered with the case? Not exactly. As Business Insider points out, you can't call yourself truly prepared without a screen protector, which protects against the littler screen-related things – such as scratches that occur through daily use – that can accumulate and cause bigger problems over time. 
  • Treat it with care. Treat your iPhone 5c like it's a prized family jewel – albeit one that can accompany you most everywhere. But just as you wouldn't casually toss a jewel to your friend, don't toss an iPhone around, either.

If all else fails and you do end up with a broken screen, get in touch with iResQ!

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