Avoid iPhone 5c screen replacement cost with a case

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There are hundreds of tweaks and tips out there that can keep an iPhone 5c running smoothly. The 5c user can avoid many speaker problems, problems with headphones, battery life issues and camera issues by one simple fix – putting it in a case, according to Business Insider. Although there are many different kinds of cases and different circumstances when they are useful, they all solve the most common problem any mobile phone faces, which is that of being dropped, smashed, crashed into or bumped. 

According to a recent article in Business Insider, 14 percent of people out there do not use a cellphone case, despite the fact that less than $30 can prevent a phone from braking when dropped. Meanwhile, 59 percent of respondents say that they put cases on their phones because they thought their phone needed the extra protection. Which makes sense – they do. 

Fixing phones after they break is doable, but the best way to keep yourself form having iPhone 5c battery problems or needing to get the figures on what is an exact iPhone 5c screen replacement cost is to cover that phone up with a case. There are dozens on the market that fit a variety of budgets, from simple $5 disposable plastic covers, to $40 OtterBoxes designed to keep out the very worst of moisture to prevent a phone from becoming waterlogged in a storm, to the nearly indestructible $80 Lifeproof, which can keep an iPhone 5c completely waterproof even under six feet of water without adding significant weight.

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Another article on Business Insider g
oes over some of the best cases that can keep an iPhone 5c from not working. Although their favorite was the aforementioned Lifeproof,  a very affordable second place options was the Switcheasy Tones, which has a smart texture and allows you to seal up the headphone jack and lightning port. There are even very cheap cases that can protect an iPhone 5c from the daily troubles of being bumped and knocked over available for the low, low price of $2. 

If the expense of covering a phone with some of the other mentioned options here is too much for you, skip the next coffee you were going to get and just spend that money on a $2 case. Your phone and your friends will be thankful when, the next time you knock your phone over, it isn't the defining moment of your day. 

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