As iPhone 5S release date approaches, older models remain as popular as ever

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It is common to see sales of iPhone models currently on the market die down as the company ramps up preparations for an upcoming release of the next-generation model. However, recent survey data shows a different scenario this time around. According to GigaOM, many people have been anxiously awaiting Apple's earnings announcement for first quarter sales, and a study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners recently shed light on the fact that older model phones are selling better than ever.

According to the CIRP survey, roughly 53 percent of all the iPhone models sold around the globe in the first quarter were the latest iPhone 5 model. The remaining portion of total iPhone sales consisted largely of iPhone 4 and 4S models. Furthermore, the percentage of iPhone 5 model sales is even better than data from December, when roughly half of all iPhone sales were the newest Phone 5 model.

Unexpected sales
As GigaOM's Erica Ogg explained in another recent article, many were expecting Apple's earnings to be a let down due to the fact that the company has not had any major product launches recently. All of Apple's major products (including the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and Mac) were refreshed this past fall. Even so, people continue to buy Apple products, demonstrating that the tech giant is not in any significant danger. Ogg noted similar trends occurring with older models of other top Apple devices as well.

“Something similar is taking place with iPads, CIRP found: Between January and March, the iPad 2 – which originally debuted in early 2011 – grabbed a larger share of iPad sales, up from 27 percent to 32 percent,” Ogg wrote. “The newest model, the iPad with Retina display, dropped from 43 percent of sales in the holiday quarter to 36 percent of sales during the January quarter. Meanwhile, the smaller and cheaper iPad mini grew slightly, from 30 percent to 32 percent of sales. It's not really a mystery that cheaper Apple devices, even when the devices are not the latest model, are attractive to buyers when viewed against the competition.”

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