As if you needed another reason to buy an Apple.

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So a couple of weeks ago a friend of the family introduced us to this website (or book) that rates numerous companies and how they deal with today’s social issues. Issues such as human rights, the environment, animal protection, community involvement and social justice. After looking over the website for about two minutes I saw that the book was only $10. I thought “why wouldn’t I pay $10 to know what companies are doing their part to lead by example?” So I went ahead and bought the book. Visit you will see what I mean.

The book arrived yesterday and I will say that I was surprised by a lot of the companies that were on the bottom of the rankings, but after taking a closer look I did notice that Apple was on top of the scale for the “Audio Equipment” category. Below is where some of the companies stand, and how betterworldshopper’s ranking system works.


This is most certainly not the definitive reason to purchase from Apple, but it at least shows that they are doing their part.

Oh and P.S. visit at some point and get the book, I believe they are helping everyone have the opportunity to do their part in being socially conscious. Thanks.

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