Are iPads good for kids?

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Tablets are quickly becoming a standard device among the general population. As more people add them to their arsenals of technology, tablets are also finding their way into much smaller hands – children are gaining increasing access to mobile technology, but is it a good thing?

Adam Levin, chairman of, believes that parents should supply children with their own tablets. He said that children can be exposed to harmful material if the proper controls are not put into place. By giving kids their own devices that have been professionally configured, kids can still play Angry Birds without their parents worrying about age-inappropriate material being accessed or personal bank statements finding their way into the wrong hands. 

But the use of iPads by children can have other effects than just momentary distraction. A new study revealed that the generation that is growing up with tablets is also struggling to master basic motor skills like using a pencil. According to The Drum, Literacy expert Sue Palmer said that instant-gratification and a lack of “three-dimensional experiences” are fueling the fear that some children will struggle to learn how to read and write.

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