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In today's constantly on-the-go environment, many people don't have the luxury of wasting time or standing still. Because everyone knows this can be stressful, there are several apps that can help.

A favorite amongst note-takers is Evernote, a free productivity app that's more than a notepad. Evernote allows users to include pictures, video, and audio content as well as other information from the internet. Notes can also be organized into folders, or notebooks and search tools enable quick location of specific notes. The app also operates over a variety of platforms, syncing notes on all devices and  making notes accessible online.

Another app, CARROT, not only heightens productivity, but makes completing tasks fun. Users create to-do lists and makes sure they stick to them. When tasks are completed, CARROT gives verbal compliments and serves up points redeemable for rewards. However, if one chooses to blow off a task on a CARROT to-do list, the app indicates the uncompleted task with an alarm…and an insult.

Another app, Dropbox, is a time saver as well as a productivity booster. This program features sharing capabilities for photos, videos and documents. Instead of shrinking content to allow for mobile sharing, Dropbox lets users access files from the app's free 2GB  storage space and send them off with ease.

For those with multiple calendars, email and social media accounts, cue makes managing these things simple. Available for free, this app presents users with a snapshot of their day, combining information from emails, contacts and calendars all in one place.

While these apps can be a big help, nothing halts productivity faster than a damaged device. If suffering from a broken screen or other issue, service providers like iResQ offer solutions like iPhone or iPad screen repair, iPad replacement glass as well as MacBook repair. Don't let a damaged device stand between you and what you need to get done.

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