Apps that will get you fit instead of fat

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Although for a long time, “apps” (as in appetizers) were considered bad for people who wanted to lose weight, new apps (as in applications) for smartphones could be great for the body-conscious user. If you rely on your phone for health, don't let a broken device get you down; iPad and iPhone repair is easy and not as expensive as you may think.

Voxxi recently listed a large number of healthy living apps, including iTriage, which is a free health checking app.

“iTriage is a comprehensive symptom checker, providing facts about diseases and ailments,” the news source said. “It offers contact information for doctors, hospitals and nurse advice hotlines. The app lets you check the average wait time for some ERs and urgent care centers and even check-in to some facilities, right from your iPad.”

Other apps for those who are workout or health fiends include the My Fitness Pal app, which counts calories and tracks diets; Couch to 26.2, a marathon training app; and iMuscle, an interactive 3-D app that shows an animated 3-D body. Users can click on different parts to find workouts for that muscle group and tone away.

The Washington Post said studies have shown that using remote coaching apps can make a difference in the health of users. People who do use these devices should be sure to have iPhone repair  in mind in case the barbell slips and their workout is cut short by a cracked screen.

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