Apps for Apple devices have a better retention rate

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Compared with the Android devices that have become more popular over the last few years, it seems as though Apple users get better use out of their apps, according to Localytics. The analytics provider reports that iPhones and iPad apps have a 52 percent higher retention rate than their Android counterparts. People with broken devices who may miss their favorite apps should look to iPad or iPhone repair to get back to flinging those angry birds all over the place.

According to Localytics, 24 percent of Android apps were used only once compared with 21 pecent of iPhone and iPad apps only used once. The greater retention rate for the Apple devices, as Localytics points out, is most likely due to iPhone owners holding on to their devices longer than Android owners.

“One of the key takeaways of these studies is that a publisher’s app and [mobile] web users are very different,” writes Localytics. “Websites attract many casual users who arrive from search, social or referring links. App users more purposefully install an app and return directly to it, self-selecting themselves as more qualified and more valuable customers.”

If you're phone has a hardware issue preventing you from using your apps correctly, you may not need to go out and get another device just so you can play Temple Run. Nope, what you might want to do is find a trustworthy iPhone repair company like iResQ that focuses on strong customer support and fast turn-around times on repairs.

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