Apple’s new iTunes 11 features radical changes

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Apple released its upgraded iTunes 11 this past week, after delaying its release from October. Reviews of the upgraded software have begun pouring in, and one of the most popular and well-read reviews came from Walt Mossberg for The Wall Street Journal.

Mossberg indicated that iTunes is the “world's most popular computer program” that is used for playing, managing and purchasing digital media, including music, movies and television.

“I've been testing this major new version, called iTunes 11, and I consider it a significant improvement in the look, feel, speed and function of the program, which had become somewhat bloated, sluggish and dense over the years as new features were added,” Mossberg said.

According to reviews from Mossberg and MacWorld, one of the main changes that the new version features is a more streamlined integration of your computer library and Apple's online iCloud service, putting more of a focus on streaming rather than downloading. The classic sidebar from previous versions has been eliminated, and features called 'Expanded View' and 'Up Next' have been added.

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