Apple’s mobile browser share increases yet again

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With many people owning and browsing on devices like iPods, iPhones and iPads, it seems Apple's iOS platform will remain the dominant mobile browser, according to results tracked by Net Applications. The company said 65.27 percent of mobile browsers use Apple's iOS format as of June, which is up from 62.65 percent in May.

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Apple dominance of the mobile browsing market has increased since August of 2011, when its share was 53 percent, according to Apple Insider. The next biggest competitor as of June was Google's Android platform, taking 19.73 percent of the browser market. This set of devices has grown as well, as it is up from just under 16 percent in August 2011.

“The gains for iOS and Android have been losses for Research in Motion's BlackBerry and Nokia's Symbian platforms. BlackBerry has fallen from 3.33 percent in August of 2011 to 1.87 percent in June, while Symbian has dropped from 6.21 percent last August to 1.49 percent in June,” Apple Insider reports.

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