Apple’s iTunes just got fancier, but also simpler

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Capping its September 12 press event with a show by the Foo Fighters, Apple emphasized its love of music in debuting a new version of iTunes. In a fairly major update, the new iTunes takes on a simpler, more visual format.

The new iTunes will get rid of the old browsing mechanisms, instead instituting a grid of album art. Users can click on an album to expand it and pull up a list of songs. An integrated In The Store feature lets users see an artist’s top songs and albums in iTunes alongside the music they’re playing.

A feature called Up Next will allow listeners to check out upcoming songs in their playlists and rearrange them, while a new MiniPlayer offers a stripped-down iTunes experience that still includes search and the Up Next feature.

Apple noted that most of its iTunes downloads now come from inside iOS, and the new iTunes Store interface is redesigned to be more iOS and iPad-friendly, with tiles and Facebook integration. It also now shows concert dates for artists. Apple didn’t give a specific release date, but the new iTunes will arrive sometime in October.

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