Apple’s iPod touch a popular gift for children

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One thing showing up on holiday wish lists everywhere, including those belonging to young children, is Apple's iPod touch. In a recent article for Life Online, digital content strategist Stephanie McGrath indicated that the “children in her life” want iPod touch devices as well as other Apple products this year.

McGrath said that while many devices will certainly make their way under the tree this year, many parents are concerned that their children are too young to receive these expensive gifts. In addition, McGrath said some parents worry that the access to the internet and other technological wonders the iPod touch holds could mean children spend less time being active.

McGrath explained that one mother recently decided to give the gift of the iPod touch, but with firm rules in place. Her nine-year-old would not be allowed to use the device during school or dinner, and the iPod is linked to Dad's phone so that the child's texts can be monitored regularly for safety precautions.

In a recent article in TUAW, one new product was described: iBuku Pets, a cushiony case designed to protect iPod touch devices so that they can be used by your little ones if you choose to surprise your little ones with technology this year.

If you decide to give the gift of the iPod touch to your young children this season, iResQ's iPod touch repair services are excellent solutions for your children's butterfinger moments.

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