Apple’s iPhone takes 53 percent share of the US market

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It's no secret that Apple's iPhone 5 is highly sought after right now, and a new report from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech indicated that Apple has its biggest U.S. market share ever.

The study looked at a 12 week period ending on November 25, and the data showed Apple's U.S. smartphone share at 53.3 percent. The surge in Apple smartphone products can be said to be due in part to the strong sales of the iPhone 5. Apple's smartphone market share is also significantly higher than last year, when it had 35.8 percent,

“Apple has reached a major milestone in the U.S. by passing the 50 percent share mark for the first time, with further gains expected to be made during December,” Dominic Sunnebo, Kantar's global consumer insight director, said in a statement.

The report additionally indicated that at the same time of Apple's growth, Android's U.S. market share dropped significantly from 52.9 percent last year to 41.9 percent this year.

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