Apple’s iPad would be a tech giant on its own

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If Apple's iPad were viewed as a standalone business, it would be the 11th largest tech company in the United States, according to Fortune. The news source cited a recent report from Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi, who found that the iPad reached $32 billion in sales last year on its own. Sacconaghi also predicted that, in 2013, sales will grow by 75 percent to $46 billion.

Looking at the iPad's success as a separate business from Apple, Mangalindan indicated that it would be placed at No. 98 on the Fortune 500 list, surpassing well-established companies such as McDonald's, Macy's and Nike. Sacconaghi noted that he expects sales to flatten out in 2015, however, because the market will be heavily saturated by that point.

“Put another way, the iPad business handily makes more money than Gap (No. 185, $14.5 billion) and Toys 'R' Us (No. 194, $13.9 billion) combined.” Fortune's JP Mangalindan wrote. “Not too shabby for a device launched just shy of three years ago.”

According to a recent article in The Register, market watcher NPD DisplaySearch is predicting that 2013 will be the year that tablets pass up laptops to take the position as No. 1 most-shipped type of computer technology.

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