Apple’s iPad event: did it deliver?

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With the Apple's iPad event now over and new iPad Airs and iPad minis set to hit the market soon, many people are waiting to see whether the company can meet the significant demands it created. PCMag contributor Chloe Albanesius broke down the various expectations before the event compared to what Apple actually released.

Many of the promises were delivered in regard to both iPads especially in the iPad mini receiving the retina display and both devices having the A7 processing chip that was introduced with the new iPhone. However, Apple didn't put the touch ID sensors on either iteration and didn't vastly improve the battery technology, which many experts predicted.

Apple did deliver on both the Mac Pro and the overhauled MacBook Pro like many had hoped for, but the MacBook Air didn't get an upgrade to the retina display

WomenCitizen contributor Ana Sayfa discussed what these announcements mean for Apple. For one, it reiterated that the company still takes innovation of its devices seriously. The MacBook Pro and the thinner and faster iPad Air are perfect examples of impressive advances. These new technologies are meant to keep the company on top of the tech market.

“It was also pretty clear Tuesday that Apple is, as usual, outwardly unconcerned about its competitors and its market share,” wrote Sayfa. “Worrying about a dip in market share would be futile for Apple, anyway, as its top competitors steadily move in to claim some of the millions of new customers picking up tablets each year.”

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